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This agreement comprises terms specific to students under RAQ E-Education London’s tutelage as well as terms generic to all other educational institutions. If, for any reason, you believe this agreement infringes your rights, is unclear at any part, or makes your rights unclear, contact us via

By using this website, you are hereby bound by all terms and conditions of RAQ E-Education London as written here.

It is compulsory to read the terms and conditions written herein. If you do not agree with the terms and conditions, do not use this website. If you use it, you thereby implicitly express agreement.

Apart from the Consumer Contracts 2013 or other UK legislation, you may not be represented under any other legal provision. All certifications awarded by RAQ E-Education are accredited worldwide.

RAQ E-Education London is a higher education centre approved by several awarding bodies, including ……. It offers a wide range of Diploma Programmes and Top-Up Degrees through a partnership with other bodies that have partnerships with the required Institutions. When you enrol at RAQ E-Education, you are automatically bound by the terms and conditions of the awarding body or institution.

To gain eligibility to enrol for a Top-Up Degree you must have completed the relevant diploma course. However, RAQ E-Education helps to ease this process. If, in the long run, you feel unhappy with the services rendered, you are free to tender your complaints to the centre or institution at which you enrolled. Upon enrolling for a Top-Up alongside the necessary diploma programme, you thereby accept that your failure to complete the diploma denies you the ability to continue with the Top-Up programme. In these circumstances we will discontinue your Top-Up enrolment without any refund.

You will only be refunded if the institution in question is responsible for withdrawing the Top-Up or the programme becomes unavailable.

The meaning is very unclear here, it needs to be clarified.

Elsewhere in your website you have spelled it ‘programme’ and not ‘program’. As ‘programme’ is the British spelling, I am changing all instances to the correct spelling to maintain continuity.

You accept that you are conversant with the English Language, and with it, you can complete the course. On enrolling, we will email you to verify, or else send a message to the Registry Department to obtain confirmation with your certifying body. If your education is sponsored, or you have not completed all the necessary requirements, you will be sent a “conditional offer letter” and the enrolment be halted until the conditions are met. On registering with the necessary certifying body, this registration will be processed within 45 days. To update your personal information it is vital you do so at least five days from the date of registration.

If you are found to have been inactive on the portal for 60 days, we hold the right to void your account. Before that happens, we will try to send you reminders, but this is not always possible.

For transactional ease all fees to RAQ E-Education London should be paid in pounds sterling via any electronic or banking method. If you pay with any other currency, then you accept the responsibility to pay the charges of exchanging currency.

The registration fees comprise registration with the certifying body or educational institution, assignment and examination fees, excluding any other expenses which you may shoulder during your course with us.

If your sponsor does not pay the fees by the date due, you will have to pay additional costs to process the late payment. In addition, you will not be entitled to discounts if you are late in paying. Kindly visit the payment section to discover the fees payable for each course. Be reminded that you are responsible for settling all bank charges imposed during your payment, whether from our recipient bank or your sending bank.

You can pay either in one whole sum or in periodical instalments. If you opt for the former, then you must pay in full before you can begin your course of choice. There is a window of time for payment, and if you pay after this window, whether due to financial or transaction issues, a late payment fee of £100 will be imposed. Furthermore, you will pay an additional 8% P/A on late payments; this amount accrues daily from the last day of the payment window.

On failure to pay before the final deadline your registration will be terminated without a refund. Should you have outstanding balances such as resubmission, postage, deferral, or resit fees, we have the right to withhold your documents, including your certificate, until you settle all payments.

In similar cases of late/non-payment, we reserve the right to reject your assignment and mark it void. On settling your payments, we shall then work on resolving the assignment issue.

We have the right to take legal action against you or your sponsor should you fail to make complete payment as and when due, or else involve a third-party debt collector.

On receiving your payment, we will send you your login details to gain entry to the portal. This online platform acts as your classroom and library where you find all your study materials, the course outline, assignments, and support. However, we cannot promise that these materials will be perfectly suited or tailored to meet your reading style.

Your personal tutor will supervise you during class sessions. You will carry out all your activities and assignments based on the instructions given by this tutor. The instructions can be given through a direct live interface where you see and communicate directly with the tutor, or it could be in the form of a slide. If your chosen course and the qualification is based on units, then each unit will be ascribed a certain number of hours. If not, the whole program will be ascribed an overall timeframe.

At RAQ E-Education, we pride ourselves on providing in-depth materials as well as comprehensive and personalised guidance from the tutors. You have full support from the tutors and the support team, and you can always ask questions and get feedback about your assignment. This feedback will help you improve academically, professionally, and personally.

The time you take to complete your course is called the Total Qualification Time (TQT) and is the shortest timeframe in which we expected you will be able to complete your program. It includes the beginning of your course, research hours, and extra activities included in your learning process. TQT is a term typically adopted by Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations) as a part of the Regulated Qualification Framework (RQF). To calculate TQT, the certifying body must conduct an assessment of the time required by other similar certification bodies. This assessment is done so as not to compromise the quality of the course. We have the students at heart when we calculate this time, as we never want to put too much pressure on a student. On the specifications section of the portal, you will be able to view the TQT in two different modes.

You are hereby requested to note that refunds are not available once payment and enrolment are complete, unless in certain extenuating circumstances. Once you have enrolled at RAQ E-Education London, you agree and are bound by the financial policies written herein. The conditions that entitle you to a refund are described below:

  1. The institution cancels a course that has begun.
  2. The institution fails to present the course they advertised.
  3. You cancel your enrolment within the certified two-week cancellation period. This condition will only be annulled if you accessed the portal within that 14 days, thus expressing your agreement with the terms. A refund may no longer be available in that case.

If you cancel after the cancellation period, we will not refund you. And after accessing the portal, you must pay all outstanding fees, including instalments. As stated above, you will receive a refund if the institution cancels a course which has already commenced. However, a percentage of this refund will be subtracted proportional to the classes and materials that you have used thus far, and the fees paid by the institution to the awarding body for you, as well as an administrative charge of £100.

Notably, most of our programs have internationally recognized accreditation. On your enrolment, RAQ E-Education London will not be held liable for any loss of accreditation by those institutions, and you will not be entitled to any money back. If under rare circumstances, the RAQ E-Education London’s accreditation is withdrawn by the certifying institution, you agree that you shall receive no refund.

I removed a sentence here because it repeated the previous sentence.

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